Pisces Rising (Poem)

He loves me in theory

Expressed repressed passions for entrance within me

I mirror his desires in the base of my spine

where my skin calls out for the gold that’s been refined

I imagine it sits in his fingertips

I’m sure it lies dormant on his lips

But chaos seeps in from the destiny sealed

I could play in his storm

But it wouldn’t be real

Freewrite: Desparado

Sooooo…I wanted to try something different. Today I listened to a song and tried to recreate the tone of the song in a piece of writing. The song that inspired this freewrite is called “Desparado by Azaelia Banks”. It’s an interesting song and I wanted to be pushed out of my comfort zone. It was really fun to write since this isn’t normally the type of thing that I write about. This was the result:

Ryan had called Nali and told her to meet him at club Syx. He had been distant the past few weeks. He was easily distracted by modeling shoots and multiple strip clubs. She decided she wouldn’t change. The dress she got rejected in was a little black number…chic and clean. The casting director announced she was too fat for the spread. She knew she was…she was already back up 115 pounds. She thought about calling the girls and telling them to meet her at Syx, but decided against it. If she invited them she would have to tell them that she didn’t get the job, their eyes would have brightened, hearing of the potential new jobs on the market. She tossed her phone in her purse and called a cab. Continue reading

Lilly Of the Water Villagers (Fiction Blurb)

Lilly peeked out of the windows for what felt like the millionth time in the last 30 seconds. After confirming once more that her parents were still away she ran into their room and began searching the drawers. Her body made the decision to act before she truly weighed the possible consequences. It was now or never. Continue reading