Photography as Soul Food

I do apologize. I’ve been MIA…and it’s because I have been completely indulged in photography as a new creative outlet. Do pardon me, and all of my joy…wish me luck on this journey. I will create a tag for photography for those who care to tag along..if it starts consuming my blog in it’s entirety I’ll create a separate one for photography.

Shot this in a small shop in Chinatown, in downtown DC. In that moment for me, they were everything right in the world. Love, color, and acceptance, holding hands on a crowded display table. This shot has me thinking about doing a series called shelf narratives. I suppose we will see.

Happy Blogging!


2014 was probably the best adult year I have ever had. I got my first salary job, I started casually dating for the first time, I made a budget that I could actually afford to stick to, I opened a savings account, I bought my acoustic guitar, I bought a new car, and I began building my wardrobe. These things probably seem incredibly ordinary, and hey, it’s because they are.

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