2014 was probably the best adult year I have ever had. I got my first salary job, I started casually dating for the first time, I made a budget that I could actually afford to stick to, I opened a savings account, I bought my acoustic guitar, I bought a new car, and I began building my wardrobe. These things probably seem incredibly ordinary, and hey, it’s because they are.

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21 Random Truths

Soooo…I have been wanting to write another blog post for the longest time now… but it seems that all of the changes and turns my life has taken over the past two months have resulted in one of the most serious cases of writers block I have ever encountered. I have been letting this block keep me from posting anything because I was worried it would prevent me from even communicating any of my thoughts clearly. However, since it is taking entirely too long to pass I thought I’d say screw it and do a simple honest post. These are 21 random truths about my life and self at this current moment. Continue reading

The Journey.

We are all headed somewhere. Choosing our initial path was easy since the steps were simple. We didn’t even need any help. We envisioned our ideal lifestyles, tried to find what we loved to do, learned what we could tolerate doing, then we weaved it together in hope. We began to see glimpses of what we could become.  The pieces of possibilities drove us to daydream. We saw careers that fit, the homes we’d create, the children we would or wouldn’t have, the whirling city or country plains we’d surrender to. These were the lines we’d color our lives inside of. We saw glimpses until we saw the picture. Suddenly, we knew where we were headed.  Continue reading

How To Smack Yourself (Staying Motivated)

Sometimes you just have to slap yourself in the face. Why? …Well whatever do you mean why? Because “yourself” is annoying. Sometimes you have to put yourself back in their proper place before they go running rampant spreading mediocrity all over the place. The thing is, nobody has time for that. Especially when you have dreams, deadlines, and other things to conquer. Oh…you don’t know how to smack yourself in the face? Oh no, no. Don’t fret. I can walk you through the process easily. Actually, I had to slap myself in the face just today.

There are a few ways one can accomplish this:


1. Productivity Smack:

This is my favorite. What happens is yourself will start nagging you. Sometimes they try to do it first thing in the morning. The sneaky bastard knows your most vulnerable then. They were right next to you watching you watch Game Of Thrones until 4 in the morning knowing good and well that you planned to get up at 7. They also made you eat ice cream…and popcorn…and get up at 2am to go to McDonalds for a sweet tea. (Diet…what diet?)  Continue reading


I’ve noticed that people have a tendency to do this thing where they interact with others as “presentations” of themselves. This happens often when interacting with strangers. We decide within the first three seconds how we want to be perceived and then we go forth and present the layer of “self” we think will get us the desired result. We season our interactions with bits and particles of ourselves. Afterwards, we don’t stress. That attractive ass security guard at Target has pinned you as flirty… confident. Your interviewer has pinned you as sharp and well spoken. Your significant others’ parents have pinned you as genuine and sincere. A good influence even, regardless of the fact that you may have convinced them to quit that part-time job to spend more time with you or some other selfish bullshit. We’re all guilty of this on some level right? I know you know this dance.

Here’s the thing though. I won’t be presenting my best self to you. Continue reading