Pisces Rising (Poem)

He loves me in theory

Expressed repressed passions for entrance within me

I mirror his desires in the base of my spine

where my skin calls out for the gold that’s been refined

I imagine it sits in his fingertips

I’m sure it lies dormant on his lips

But chaos seeps in from the destiny sealed

I could play in his storm

But it wouldn’t be real

The One (A Poem)

I am the One
The caramel rendition
A singing and laughing shimmer of glass
wearing the stars and constellations on the small of my back
Prancing down the pavements with a smile in my spirit
A stillness in my soul
A song if you will hear it
I am a carrier of the void
The light and dark at play
Both the sunrise
and the storm
The quiet embodiment of source
A piece of it sits between my hips
The promise of life swings in my walk yet
Fatality and Joy sit on my lips and
dress each sentence
in their colors as I talk
I am the One
The Artist and The Pen
Who bleeds but does not die
Who lives and yet gives life
I am the vessel
from whence the others shall come
Kings, Queens, and Scholars
Handsome God’s and graceful Goddesses
I am the origin of life
I am the root and the foundation
The sword and the hug
I am the sculptor of the nations
I am the One
A child of Great Mother
The presence in the wind
The moonlight on the water 
I am the One
I am the All
The Process and the Great Creatress
The Feminine 
I am The Woman


2014 was probably the best adult year I have ever had. I got my first salary job, I started casually dating for the first time, I made a budget that I could actually afford to stick to, I opened a savings account, I bought my acoustic guitar, I bought a new car, and I began building my wardrobe. These things probably seem incredibly ordinary, and hey, it’s because they are.

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21 Random Truths

Soooo…I have been wanting to write another blog post for the longest time now… but it seems that all of the changes and turns my life has taken over the past two months have resulted in one of the most serious cases of writers block I have ever encountered. I have been letting this block keep me from posting anything because I was worried it would prevent me from even communicating any of my thoughts clearly. However, since it is taking entirely too long to pass I thought I’d say screw it and do a simple honest post. These are 21 random truths about my life and self at this current moment. Continue reading

The Journey.

We are all headed somewhere. Choosing our initial path was easy since the steps were simple. We didn’t even need any help. We envisioned our ideal lifestyles, tried to find what we loved to do, learned what we could tolerate doing, then we weaved it together in hope. We began to see glimpses of what we could become.  The pieces of possibilities drove us to daydream. We saw careers that fit, the homes we’d create, the children we would or wouldn’t have, the whirling city or country plains we’d surrender to. These were the lines we’d color our lives inside of. We saw glimpses until we saw the picture. Suddenly, we knew where we were headed.  Continue reading