A Letter

Dear Crazy Lady,

       You don’t have to worry. I know you have a tendency to do that when the threat of love, conflict, disappointment, or disapproval work their way into your life. But don’t fret. I have been here since the very beginning. I watched you beg for love, friendship, and acceptance. I watched you express yourself through various channels. I watched you cry and fight for visibility. I watched you put in conscious effort over time to be a better woman, mother, sister and friend. I know better than anyone the fear that you live with. This consuming idea that without love from outside sources, that your life will be barren, and you’ll be miserable. Do not allow yourself to internalize this idea. As its complete bullshit.

       You are a beautiful woman. It isn’t just your face…never mind your crooked smile, or your mom boobs, or lack of booty. You carry a kind, forgiving, and lively spirit. Although you are an emotional creature, you have gotten so much better at managing that energy over the years. You are a genuine friend and always operate from a place of good intentions. You are generous, you are sweet. You always want good things from the people who surround you. Continue to be rooted in what and who you are. From your mood swings, weird tastes in music, various forms of expression, your burdening blessing of sensitivity, your awkwardness, your craziness, your goofy nature, and your snappy tendencies. Do not apologize for who you are…do not let anyone make you feel like you should. Ever. Do not let anyone or anything make you feel that you are not worthy of respect or love.

       If anyone decides to keep their loving energy from you, let them. Don’t invite negativity into your environment for anything. Not even for stupid eros love. So be grounded…be intelligent, be sincere, be aware, be patient, and always act from that place of love you reside in. You’ve allowed loving others to become a part of your lifestyle. Just don’t leave yourself out of it. =)

Mariah, you are worthy of all of the love in the world. So don’t forget to give it to yourself. Stay grounded.

If they can’t understand your worth, let them go.

If they can’t respect you, let them go.

If they don’t care to understand, let them go.

If they want to leave, let them.

Do this shamelessly…As there is no shame in loving yourself.


With all the love and patience you require,



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