The Way They Love.

I was thinking about how far I’ve come today. It inspired a poem about the girl I used to be. Take from it what you will, as this is just a place I’ve been. Enjoy =)

The Way They Love..

I love the way they love me
Love the way their lips hunt mine in darknesses
They find me every time
They taste the wine on my tongue
as I am easily undone
for love.
They know that I have heart for them
They know that i would part for them
And i normally do,
continue to,
and probably would again
Any day, any minute, they understand
I love their hands
Warm hands that love
and grip
that strip
Love that loving energy
That elusive thing
Love that they want to dominate me
the way they bite my lip
the way my hips they flip
the way they toss and
lift me up like star
Love me plastered up high like
the skies they must think I belong to
Love the way they want to get me home
The way they love to love me when we’re alone
I provide them something to hold on to
an option to belong to
if they’d  so choose
Because I love the way they love me
Mostly forceful and deeply
As if I’d ever not been receptive
As if in a past life I’d rejected them
They plow their way
They make me stay
They make their points between sheets in which we play
I hear them, all day
Because I love the way the love me
Always intensely
Until they don’t
Until they change to make me let them go
Again and again
Until I lose the game
Until I lose my friend
Until I lose myself
and all I gave to them
But my cheek, I turn
In my refusal to learn
Because I love the way they love me
Because to be loved at all is lovely
When you’ve seen nothing thus far
in the mirror, worth love
not even for a moment
not even at all

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