The Journey.

We are all headed somewhere. Choosing our initial path was easy since the steps were simple. We didn’t even need any help. We envisioned our ideal lifestyles, tried to find what we loved to do, learned what we could tolerate doing, then we weaved it together in hope. We began to see glimpses of what we could become.  The pieces of possibilities drove us to daydream. We saw careers that fit, the homes we’d create, the children we would or wouldn’t have, the whirling city or country plains we’d surrender to. These were the lines we’d color our lives inside of. We saw glimpses until we saw the picture. Suddenly, we knew where we were headed. 

For a while it was satisfying as hell just to know this much. In the beginning we drove alone. It wasn’t a challenge because it’s all we’d known at the time. This was just life. We listened to music that spoke to our souls as our vehicles caressed the curves of the road. Some of us stopped more frequently than others. Leaving our vehicles to collect experiences, testing the theories we’d initially drawn. We rerouted, sped home, or resumed depending on what those experiences unveiled to us about ourselves. It was all beautiful and necessary. The process, the decisions, the risks and such. Our realities reflecting the sum of it all. We had power, and it showed.

But um…some of us?

Well, we fell in love at a gas station.

We left our vehicles and we got ourselves a rental. It was so important that we identify a destination and a path that would suit us both. So we left together.


Loved it.

Hated it.

It ended a lifetime sooner than we’d anticipated.

We left the rental. Slammed the doors in our frustration. Then we cringed in embarrassment. We wandered aimlessly onto the highway with no sign of where we left our cars, how we’d mend our hearts, or how we’d start over.With no will to plan or the patience to take a walk in the sun, we wiped our eyes and stuck out our thumbs. We silently damned the concepts of destinations and paths in general. I suppose some of us are just carrying on, as carrying on has been the art of the journey all along.

5 thoughts on “The Journey.

  1. Love your writing style, that was beautiful. Sorry to hear about that, but I wish you the best of luck for the future Riah.

  2. Wow, I can so relate. Sometimes I feel like that rental car is parked rusting in the backyard – a Dodge van full of stuff collected along the way that I thought would help. It hasn’t.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to read my thoughts. This post was actually inspired by a past experience. All is well in the love department currently lol, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and wishing me luck. I hope all is well with you too =)

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