I’ve noticed that people have a tendency to do this thing where they interact with others as “presentations” of themselves. This happens often when interacting with strangers. We decide within the first three seconds how we want to be perceived and then we go forth and present the layer of “self” we think will get us the desired result. We season our interactions with bits and particles of ourselves. Afterwards, we don’t stress. That attractive ass security guard at Target has pinned you as flirty… confident. Your interviewer has pinned you as sharp and well spoken. Your significant others’ parents have pinned you as genuine and sincere. A good influence even, regardless of the fact that you may have convinced them to quit that part-time job to spend more time with you or some other selfish bullshit. We’re all guilty of this on some level right? I know you know this dance.

Here’s the thing though. I won’t be presenting my best self to you. If this comes as a disappointment your welcome to leave. I am quite certain that this this blog will only make you feel weird and uncomfortable 99% of the time. Mostly because I plan to strip. I won’t be tidying my thoughts. I will probably make plenty of posts that aren’t considered “socially acceptable”. I will be honest in my emotions, observations, views, experiences, and truths. I will not be reeling myself in. And I will not be apologizing. I ask that if you choose to follow this blog, that you don’t do these things either. Do not reel yourself in and do not apologize for relating, disagreeing, (or challenging me if you bout’ that life).

Do come in, take off your clothes at the door. Don’t mind my piles of emotions, scattered logic, or my mess of experiences. My scars that I wear will be visible. I don’t mind that you see them, I just ask that you don’t pretend that you don’t have your own. Bring some of your own baggage and make yourself comfortable in the chaos. Let’s not be civilized, let’s just be honest.

I believe rivers are pathways to one ocean. This is my river. This is my path to us. To you.

So now that you’ve agreed to strip with me, you should know my name. I’m Mariah. Welcome to my naked ass mind. =]

7 thoughts on “Strip.

  1. Witness! “I’ve noticed that people have a tendency to do this thing where they interact with others as “presentations” of themselves.” I’m shouting from the gallery. I adore this post, because it’s the same thing I’ve been saying for years. People are always putting on a mask and then you waste so much time peeling back the layers to find that if they’d just presented that at the beginning, it would have gone much more smoothly. I just can’t with people sometimes.

    • It’s interesting. It’s like on one hand I understand why so many people do it. I feel like there is so much pressure to be this specific personality type, have specific flaws, specific strengths etc. It really is too much…that’s why this blog is pretty much like a big “fuck it” to those ideals. People may not always like it, but at least they won’t like me for the right reasons. Seems that you and I are on the same page. Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy Blogging 🙂

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